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Live Art Performance in collaboration with Smangaliso Khumalo

Courtesy Institute for Creative Arts.

Sonkofa, from Adrinka philosophy is the bedrock for the performance piece. The word is taken from Akan culture and translates as “return and collect it”. What is it that we are collecting? Our bodies as they reverberate through space and time they implicitly act as vessels fetching from our collective memory. Our concept of transmission includes thematics that deal with exchange of relational processes of ritual. It is to view this transmission or act of cultural exchange as a symbolic cultural dovetailing. Also fanatical reflection on perceptions of the world we live in. The work demands we ponder at the episteme of our cultural diversity so that we shift not only our subliminal multi-sensory perceptions but rather our assimilations. Our dovetailing of our ritual processes prioritized through performance as a trope that mediates between the two enmeshed cultural practices. The initial discomfort of cultures as dichotomous entities becomes site where issues of difference and sameness come to the fore.

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