Nicolene Burger is a professional artist focused on the healing qualities of art. The preoccupation in her practical inquiries with the personal archive, how it intersects with what is deemed “public” and how it relates to processes of memory (the making, erosion and evolution thereof), has always been umbrella-ed by the following question: “What can we discover through art that we might be blind to in every other field of expression and experience?”.  By bringing in a visual aspect in current conversations such as climate change, the liberation of women and how cultivating spaces where humans are allowed to feel all their feelings without shame might inspire a new era of relating, she wishes to show that art is an immensely important and powerful bridging tool to catalyze personal and collective understanding, healing, and connection.


Jana Vosloo is a feminist philosopher interested in the politics of protest within the South African context. She is currently finalizing her Masters thesis which is focused on exploring the ambiguities of “allyship” with Judith Butler’s theoretical framework of “relationality”. In many ways, her research can be framed as a “phenomenological” sense-making of the 2015-2016 #FeesMustFall and #RhodesMustfall student protest that took place across South Africa. Beyond her theoretical interests in public assembly, embodiment, and political action, Jana is also interested in the notion of the “philosopher in transit”. Having recently traveled as a backpacker and a “couch surfer” across Africa, Europe, and Southeast Asia, Jana is keen to further engage with the philosophical questions (often emerging on busses, trains, boats, and planes) regarding travel, home, hospitality, and the notion of being “in-between” or “in-transit”.