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At the core of being human is the abilty to create. Create Space facilitates a space where people can connect or reconnect with their creativity. We aim to create an experience that relays the idea that playing, being present and embracing your creativity can lead to a connection with yourself. All offerings included a meditative art practices and you will leave with something that you have created. 

our vision

our teachers


Nicolene Burger is a South African-based artist and curator, working primarily in oil-paint and performance. Her installations and performances looks at questions around how we remember individually and collectively. Asking more specifically "what are the forces that influence memory?", "how can these forces be manipulated?" and "what is the artists role in the processes of remembrance?".  In improvised, spontaneous collaborations with her audiences, Nicolene aims to create complex sensory experiences that involve the body of the viewer through taste, smell, sound and often through the physical engagement with her artworks. Relaying more directly the sense of vulnerability with which she makes art and the core believe to her practice: Art is an immensely important and powerful bridge of communication that can offer understanding, healing and connection

Olivia Bevan is a Cape Town based artist, currently working as a teacher, who wants to fight the system. She is a printmaker by nature, as she is interested in exploring space, multiples and working within a process. Printmaking allows for a removal from the artist and their mark in varying degrees and with this removal from direct mark making, endless discoveries can be made. Printmaking or methods of transference enable a process-based learning that is creative and adaptable to individuals. This type of creative skill and process learning creates space that leads to creative thinking.
She asks this of the teaching trade: Where do you even begin to envisage an education that is not enclosed by barriers? How can a creative learning be accessible and what could this look like?
She wants to create a space in which individuals’ creativity can expand and overflow within and beyond their physical spaces. Norman Jackson writes that “our problem is not that creativity is absent, but that it is omnipresent and that it is taken for granted.” Olivia aims to value art making and process-driven explorations in the Create Space workshops.
Instead of “education” we focus on collaboration and an exchange of creative thinking in all its forms in our workshops, much like the exchanging of books in a library.

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