Stay Stimulated

with Air It Podcast

'Air It' is a raw, unscripted podcast offering conversations between an artist and a philosopher.

By making eclectic use of various cultural texts and theoretical disciplines, Jana Vosloo and Nicolene Burger attempt to uproot, unpick and redefine contemporary modes of thinking within the South African context.


In each episode, they analyse a cultural text to address ambiguities, value-gaps and outdated ideas part of the South African discourse. By publicly 'airing' these issues, they hope to stir conversation so that much-needed change can be set in motion to create a more inclusive and compassionate society for all. 

Jana Vosloo and Nicolene Burger met while studying at Stellenbosch University. Both verbal processors they chose each other as study buddies for Visual Studies and Philosophy. Quickly realizing that these 'study sessions' would cover everything current and many arguments inspired by the theory, the dream of a shared podcast was born. 

For more on our hosts, we suggest 'Interviewing Ourselves: Dirty Laundry, Embodied Protest and Healing Art ', episode one of season one.