Nicolene Burger

I am a South African creative and curator, working primarily in oil-paint and performance. My installations and performances look at questions around how we remember individually and collectively. Asking more specifically "what are the forces that influence memory?", "How can these forces be manipulated?" and "what is the artist's role in the processes of remembrance?". In improvised, spontaneous collaborations with my audiences, I aim to create complex sensory experiences that involve the body of the viewer through taste, smell, sound, and often through the physical engagement with my artworks. In this way, I invite my viewer to become part of an informal and fluid creation process, as their participation continues, extends, and deepens the meaning of the work. Thereby, relaying more directly the sense of vulnerability with which I make art and the core belief to my practice: Art is an immensely important and powerful bridge of communication that can offer understanding, healing, and connection.